An Open Letter Of My Own Failure



Lately, with writing about love and marriage I have found myself struggling. Of course, this can be contributed to the day to day struggles of attempting to write while being a full-time dad, husband and holding an actual 9-5 job. But, this battle has been more than that, I can only describe the fight as the inability to build momentum into writing what is relevant to relationships, love, and marriage as a whole. Recently, I identified the key issue in the fight to write. The issue is me.

I have been attempting to write from a perspective which I had long believed was as unique to me as it is close. I have decided to abandon this approach altogether. So what caused me to reach the conclusion to throw every note I had taken away and begin anew? I had failed.

I had failed to reach my audience, failed to…

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Love is… fireworks when you kiss

For the sake of the title, I will leave the following disclaimer.   Warning Kissing and fireworks do not really mix. If you have the idea to compare the feeling of fireworks to a kiss by literally lighting one and holding it to your mouth please consult the nearest healthcare professional. I am not responsible… Continue reading Love is… fireworks when you kiss

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Love is… when just being together is enough.

There are some things in life when no explanation is necessary and these are the kind of moments we live for in our relationships. The silent sacrifice of the last bite of his favorite food, or perhaps it is her over-aggressiveness while you are both in the bed to curl up underneath you even though… Continue reading Love is… when just being together is enough.